Temperature and
Air Movement


Heavy paper or thin cardboard, a pencil or marker, scissors, a long piece of thread or string, a desk or utility lamp with 100 watt bulb, and one small piece of tape. (Larger bulbs or a heat lamp may be more effective but may not be safe for children to handle.)




Step 1: Draw a spiral on the paper or cardboard as shown above.

Step 2: Cut around the lines of the spiral.

Step 3: Make a tiny hole in the center of the spiral and pass the thread through and tape it securely.

Step 4: Hang the spiral above the utility light and record what happens to the spiral.


Hypothesis: Write down your hypothesis. What do you predict will happen when you place the spiral above a heat source? Why?



Observations: Write down what you see happening to the spiral .


Conclusions: Was your prediction correct? If yes, why? If not, why not? Do the results prove your hypothesis?




turning on the lamp, write down your hypothesis in the space provided.

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