Balancing Balloons Demonstration  


2 yardsticks, 2 balloons, 2 twist ties for the balloons, 3 eight inch pieces of string, 1 large book, and 3 pieces of tape.


Step 1: Place a yardstick on the table under the book so that three-quarters of the stick protrudes out over the floor.

Step 2: Inflate the two balloons to approximately equal size and close them off with the twist ties.

Step 3: Tie knots in the ends of each string so you can slide them over the yardsticks. Bend the excess twist ties on the balloons into hooks so you can hook them to the strings.

Step 4: Use one string to hang the second yard stick from the first and hold it so it doesn't fall. Have an assistant hang the other strings from the ends of the second yard stick then add the balloons.

Step 5: Carefully adjust the positions of the balloons until a balance is reached with the yardstick centered. Now apply tape to the strings so slippage won't effect the results

Step 6: Remember to write your hypothesis below or on the back of this page.

Step 7: Now loosen the twist tie on one balloon and record what happens. Was your hypothesis correct? If yes, why? If no, why not? Fill in your answer below or on the back of this page.

Hypothesis: What is your hypothesis for this experiment? What do you predict will happen when you let the air out of one balloon? Why? Use the space below or the back of this handout for your answers.



Observations: Write down what you see happen when the air is released from one balloon. What does it mean? Was your hypothesis correct?



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